Cezar Motta, journalist and writer: “Nobody makes a dictionary alone”

This is an unusual book. The central character is the dictionary "Aurélio" and the difficulties, conflicts, failures and passions that involved its creation. A work that has become the biggest Brazilian publishing phenomenon, whose backstage, revealed in detail by journalist Cezar Motta, includes accusations of treason and co-authorship disputes that ended up in the Supreme Court […]

Rashid, rapper and entrepreneur: “I am a music worker”

Rashid is, to date, the author of 120 own songs, distributed in his mixtapes, singles and studio albums, not to mention collaborations that include Criolo, Mano Brown, Xênia França, Max de Castro, Izzy Gordon, Emicida, Luccas Carlos, Rael , Fresno, Duda Beat, Drik Barbosa and others. In the first studio album, “A Coragem da Luz” (2016), […]

Ivan Sales Borges, founder and vice president of the Institute of Law, Creative Economy and Arts: “Priorities are limited and limiting”

The special secretary of Culture, Mário Frias, has just completed 188 days in office under the government of Jair Bolsonaro and, despite saying that he sees his trajectory in an encouraging and promising way, culture still faces great challenges in the face of the pandemic. Frias attacked those who say “take control of the Rouanet Law” and also affirmed […]

Mess Santos, filmmaker and documentary filmmaker: “Art will always reinvent itself”

“MOSCOW” is an original script created and designed by filmmaker Mess Santos, which represents a new form of cinematographic creation for the Brazilian market. All scenes were recorded in twelve days, for the first time in the history of national cinema. In addition, together with the executive producer of the film, Cláudio Macedo, they structured a model of […]

Daniel Bydlowski, filmmaker and member of the Directors Guild of America: “The world is connected”

Brazilian filmmaker Daniel Bydlowski is a member of the Directors Guild of America (entertainment guild that represents the interests of film and television directors in the film industry in the United States and abroad) and a virtual reality artist. He is part of the jury of international film festivals and researches themes related to new technologies […]

Vicka, singer and songwriter: “When I sing I feel great”

The career of singer and songwriter Vicka has just gained new horizons. His new song “Pausa”, composed in an unpretentious way, took on a huge dimension on social networks and has already been heard and shared by tens of thousands of people, now winning a “home recording” clip. The song and the clip were not designed for […]

Carmen Ferrão, president of the Mercosul Biennial Foundation: “Art has to continue”

In a virtual ceremony held on 19/08, the Camaquense businesswoman, Carmen Ferrão, took over the presidency of the Mercosul Biennial, management 2020/2022. On the occasion, the businesswoman also presented the entity's new board, as well as the curator and the theme of the 13th edition of the exhibition: “Trauma, Sonho e Fuga”. According to Carmen Ferrão, it is an honor […]
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