Robert Furden Jr., founder of Faber Magna Investiments: “We see a horizon full of opportunities”

It was in the midst of changes in legislation and the fall in the Selic rate, coupled with the impacts of the pandemic, that Robert Furden Jr., a lawyer specializing in real estate law, saw an opportunity for differentiation in the midst of the crisis. “Advocacy has always been seen as an expense. Soon, we began to realize a need to help our customers find solutions […]

João Fernandes, partner and economist at Quantitas Gestão de Recursos: “The value of our currency remains depreciated”

João Fernandes is a partner and economist at Quantitas Gestão de Recursos. He has worked as an economist at Quantitas for 9 years, with experience in covering Brazilian and international economic indicators, working closely with the trading desks, mainly in the fixed income and currency markets. It is responsible for the analysis and projections of inflation and economic activity […]

Fabian Valverde, partner and co-founder of Paketá Crédito: “Our mission is to democratize payroll loans”

Paketá is a fintech that started operating in 2019 and offers payroll loans to company employees. With the help of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, among others, the application is able to offer not only customized credit, but also educational content, according to the time of life (and financial) of each user. […]

Flávio Serrano, chief economist at Haitong bank: “Inflation is always worrying in Brazil”

Flávio Serrano passed through prestigious financial institutions on the national scene, including Ágora Investimentos and BES Investimentos, a bank that was the investment arm of the Portuguese bank Banco Espírito Santo and which is currently part of the Chinese brokerage Haitong. The bank in Brazil was created in the first half of 2000 and is controlled, […]

Victoria Werneck, chief economist at Icatu Seguros: “The biggest challenge is to settle public accounts”

Victoria Werneck has been chief economist at Icatu Seguros since May 2006. Prior to that, she was chief economist at Banco de Investimentos UBS, chief economist at brokerage BBA Icatu, chief economist at Banco Icatu and Senior economist at the Economic Department of the National Confederation Industry. She was also, for twelve years, professor at the Department of Economics at PUC-Rio. She graduated in […]

Luis Otávio de Souza Leal, chief economist at Banco ABC Brasil: “There is less room for errors”

Bachelor and master in economics from the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC-Rio), Luis Otávio Souza Leal served as chief economist at the Rio de Janeiro Chamber of Commerce (Fecomércio-RJ) between 2002 and 2004. He was an assistant professor at PUC and in 2005 joined Banco ABC Brasil, also as chief economist. Banco ABC Brasil, controlled by Arab Banking Corporation […]
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