Fabio Coelho, CEO of Google Brazil: “Google is recognized and valued worldwide”

Fabio José Silva Coelho is an administrator, entrepreneur and current executive director of Google Brasil since 2011. He holds a degree in civil engineering and business administration from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He has already worked in the commercial and product marketing areas, before occupying the presidency of Google, and was responsible for launching […]

Leonardo Amaral, CEO of the Virtual Secretary: “We are driven by the market”

Leonardo Amaral is CEO and founder of the Virtual Secretary, the main service management platform in Brazil. Self-taught, Leonardo has always acted as an entrepreneur and currently leads a holding company that integrates the Virtual Secretary, SVTech Telecomunicações, the first VoIP telephony operator specialized in medical clinics, and the Virtual Clinic, a platform for bringing doctors together […]

Fernando Rizzatti, managing partner at Neotix Digital Transformation: “It is necessary to study customers in detail”

Fernando Rizzatti is a managing partner at Neotix Transformação Digital. Technology applied to the business world is the essence of his professional career, of more than 25 years, always combined with innovation that adds value. From the manufacturing industry, through the financial and mixed economy segments, he has the skills to understand needs and find solutions. Believe in […]
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