Alfredo Freitas, director of Education and Technology at Ambra University: “The Brazilian market is very closed”

Alfredo Freitas holds a postgraduate degree in 'Project Management' from Sheridan College in Canada, a degree in Control and Automation Engineering and a master's degree in Science, Automation and Systems, from the University of Brasília. The renowned professional has over 15 years of experience in Technology and Education. He is currently director of Education and Technology at Ambra University. THE […]

Juliana Vanin, founder of NOZ Pesquisa e Inteligência: “The period is challenging for everyone”

Juliana Vanin is an economist graduated from the University of São Paulo (USP) and has a postgraduate degree in Finance from Insper. Specialist in Market Research, Business Intelligence, Financial and Strategic Planning. In 2015, he founded NOZ with the objective of bringing together knowledge of Behavioral Economics, Research, Strategic, Financial and Marketing Planning. NOZ is a studio […]

Marcos Assi, member of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance: “A lot will still happen”

The teacher / commander MSc. Marcos Assi is a managing partner of MASSI Consultoria e Formação Ltda - specialized in Corporate Governance, Compliance, Risk Management, Internal Controls, Process Mapping, Information Security and Internal Audit. Master in Accounting and Actuarial Sciences from PUC-SP, Bachelor of Accounting Sciences from FMU, with a postgraduate degree in Internal Audit and Expertise from […]

Renata Motone, Recruitment and Selection consultant at Luandre Middle: “It is important to create small goals”

With the pandemic and the growing unemployment, many people did not know what their professional life will be like in 2021. After all, standing out in their careers, whether through a new position or even a promotion, has always been a great challenge, which has been intensified by account of the crisis. For Renata Motone, Luandre's Recruitment and Selection consultant […]

Mirella Rossini, editor of Um.a #diversidadecriativa: “We were all created to follow a pattern”

Founded in 1996, Um.a #diversidadecriativa is among the most structured live marketing agencies in Brazil, specializing in events, incentives and trade. Among its main customers are Anbima, Atento, Bristol, B3, Citi, Carrefour, Corteva, Cielo, Motorola, Nextel, Mapfre, Pandora, Sanofi, Sumup, Tigre, Via Varejo, Visa, Motorola among others. Throughout its history, it won […]

Lu Magalhães, president of Primavera Editorial and partner of PublishNews: “Books were and continue to be fundamental”

Lu Magalhães is president of Primavera Editorial, partner of PublishNews and #coisadelivreiro. Graduated in Mathematics from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP), holds a master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of São Paulo (USP) and a specialization in Organizational Development from the Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania, United States). The executive operates in the national publishing market […]

Natália Lima, specialist in Succession and Real Estate Law: “We all saw ourselves vulnerable”

During the pandemic, shopkeepers from different states filed for justice, demanding the suspension of the collection of the minimum rent. The reasoning, basically, was due to the fact that the pandemic was an unpredictable fact and that the collection of this and other expenses would have become excessively expensive, which would make the business of these [...]

Erica Castelo, founder and CEO of The Soul Factor: “Companies are adapting”

The last two years have been transformative for companies and professionals from the most diverse sectors of the economy, driven by the ecosystem of innovation and emerging technologies. According to the study The Future Of Jobs, produced by the World Economic Forum, the pattern of adoption of new technologies varies between industries and the major impact is on displacement […]
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