“I have seldom had the opportunity to speak so openly to a media outlet about the Brazilian macroeconomic landscape and I have been published without cuts. Thank you Panorama Mercantil. ”

Tallis Gomes - Founder of Easy Taxi and Singu

“It is not always that we have space and cool questions that help in exposing ideas and opinions. Thanks to Eder Fonseca for the invitation and congratulations on the work of Panorama Mercantil. ”

Michel Lent - Digital market specialist

“Generous my interview by Comrade Eder Fonseca for Panorama Mercantil.”

Alberto Mussa - Writer and translator

“I was very happy with the interview I gave about my 37th book,“ Empreender É Viver - Alencar Burti's trajectory ”to Panorama Mercantil.”

Ricardo Viveiros - Journalist, writer and press officer

“I thank Eder Fonseca for his support! Access the Panorama Mercantil website, there's a lot of information there! ”

Ivan Barasnevicious - Guitarist, composer, writer and arranger

“And this week's interview at Panorama Mercantil was… with me! What an honor to be among consecrated names such as Ricardo Boechat, Washington Olivetto, Gustavo Franco, Romero Rodrigues, Flávio Augusto, Bel Pesce, among others! ”

Samuel Magalhães - Entrepreneur and business administrator

“The journalist Eder Fonseca has done a great job in front of the Panorama Mercantil portal. Diversity, information and plurality. ”

Danton Medrado - Poet, Professor and writer

“It was a great pleasure to give this interview to journalist Eder Fonseca, from Panorama Mercantil.”

Oscar Araripe - Painter and writer

“With great satisfaction, we received the publication of our interview conducted by the Panorama Mercantil portal.”

Rubens Tilkian - Lawyer and founder of the Vertus Institute

“I loved being interviewed exclusively by the Panorama Mercantil portal.”

Otávio Aoad - DJ Taw, founder of Rastropop Records

“I found the site by researching a newly launched brand and was surprised to discover a direct chat with the founder. Very good to see this care of talking to the source instead of just reproducing releases. ”

Lucas Bittencourt Azevedo - Founder and Editor of the blog Só Queria Ter Um

“Panorama Mercantil makes us hope for journalism.”

Yeda Timerman - Founder and coordinator of Timerman Comunicação Empresarial

“Congratulations to the Panorama Mercantil portal, always up to date with current news and interesting subjects from all areas. Success always!"

Silvia Neubern - Director of KS Assessoria de Imprensa

"I was very happy. You can always count on me. Congratulations Panorama Mercantil for publishing such a good level! ”

Aristotle Drummond - Journalist and writer

“I am happy to have contributed my opinions to Panorama Mercantil.”

Flávio Shiró - Painter and scenographer
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