Eugênio Sales Queiroz, writer and business consultant: “We need to know how to divide our time”

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Rethink life in all its forms. In a world where we are undergoing transformations in all senses and adversities, especially after the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, if we do not work on our self-esteem, emotional balance and perseverance, it is possible that at some point we will “lock up” and fail live the way we dream and imagine. With a focus on personal development, writer and business consultant Eugênio Sales Queiroz wrote “A New Way of Thinking about Life”, a work launched by Literare Books International full of tips, reflections and inspirations so that you can start the changes you were postponing. The aim is to lead the reader to question himself with essential questions to know how his life is at that moment and how he plans the next years of his journey in this world. Whoever reads the book will be able to make a deep and complete analysis of its existence, its attitudes and its possible omissions. You will know if you are going on the right path or if you need to make important changes, abolishing some negative habits and acquiring new attitudes and thoughts for a healthier life mentally, intellectually, spiritually and financially. “First we need to understand that our mission in this life, can change suddenly and out of nowhere we need to change the direction of our plans”, says the writer.

Eugênio, how is emotional balance essential for a happy life?

In recent years, human beings have been going through profound changes in what concerns their personal and professional life, and these transformations end up interfering in their own self-esteem. That is why the importance of maintaining an emotional balance is born, otherwise, the stress takes over and we are left without action in the face of so many pressures that we need to face on a daily basis.

How to maintain a balanced life in a world of so many challenges?

First of all, we need to know how to divide our time, that is, when we are at work, our focus is work, when we leave for our home, we need to have other focuses, such as, for example, our quality of life. And when I talk about quality we can include physical exercises, meditations and good reading, good movies, good company, among so many other alternatives to keep our spirits and energy high.

Was this balance in check with the advent of the new coronavirus pandemic?

We have never been so tested in every sense of our lives in the past few decades, with the arrival of pandemic, our limits were even more strained, that is, we need to unlearn in order to learn to deal with the new, otherwise our balance as a whole can be highly affected. Looking for successful alternatives can make a huge difference.

What are the main pillars of full personal development?

Like coach I always instruct my coachees (clients) to pay attention to all areas of their life, such as: work, finance, leisure, spirituality, relationships, etc., because it is enough for one area of our life to be in disagreement that we pay a price often in all other areas. That's where the process of coaching it helps a lot for those who want to have a fuller life, with more meaning, more truth, more authentic.

Is planning an important point in this pillar?

It is that maxim, whoever plans, may even fail, whoever does not plan, already starts making mistakes. In today's times when everything happens at the same time, those who manage to have a simplified planning, are already out in front of thousands of other people who are leading their lives anyway. Planning means that we have a map to follow and for those who know where the path is going, it becomes easier. I emphasize only that the more the planning is simplified the better.

How to balance yourself in the present without neglecting to plan for the future?

It is not easy in today's world to keep anxiety under control, so it is important to seek balance in our life, after all, when we feel full we are able to plan our life better. You know that person you admire and think he is lucky in everything he does, the name of that is balance in the face of the chaos of life, and as we know a balanced person plans better, with more equity and without stress beyond measure.

Which questions are essential for this planning?

I always open my lectures around Brazil asking everyone in the audience (now virtually also) where you were five years ago, how does it feel to have gotten here and where are you going? An efficient planning is one in which, based on our values and our learnings, we are able to ask the most assertive questions to walk more determined than ever towards the most daring goals of our personal and / or professional life.

At what point should we analyze our journey in this world?

Always, always and always. We should never wait for life to “get stuck” to do a self-analysis, after all, each question we ask we can find answers more consistent with the life we want to have. And this is where the coaching process makes all the difference, because it is wonderful to find answers within ourselves that are screaming to get out and make our lives always more meaningful.

What is the role of the mission in this journey?

First, we need to understand that our mission in this life can change suddenly and out of nowhere we need to change the direction of our plans. But we can never fail to see and understand what our mission is in this life. What have we done, has it been worth it? What adjustments do we need to make? By asking the right questions, we will surely find important answers for our life to always have a true sense of being.

Can this mission be a catalyst for high self-esteem?

Undoubtedly, a person with balanced and elevated self-esteem, manages to potentiate all the details of his life, because, an experienced person and well with life, does not waste time regretting what happens to him, quite the contrary, he immediately seeks alternatives consistent with what it aims to achieve and remains firmer than ever. Self-esteem needs to be very well taken care of, because we depend on it to live each day better.

What do you hope readers can get from reading “A New Way of Thinking about Life?”.

A deep dive within yourself to find the best answers to follow your life's mission. It is not a book to be read only. But to reflect in all areas of your life, what is needing changes or even more attention. These are interwoven chapters that the reader will be able to see life from a different angle. In summary, it is a book that provokes self-reflection so that the reader can take care of his life in the best possible way, after all, regret and say that life is just a problem, it is not a more accepted excuse.

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