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Writing, Curation, Administration and Correspondence
Street: Serafim Borges do Val, nº 5628
Neighborhood: Jardim Noêmia
Zip code: 14.403-716, Franca - SP


Responsible for Publication
Eder Fonseca

Editorial and Technical Consulting
Maurício Pereira Garcia

Project Web Developer
Ricardo Moreti

Editing Assistant
Lucas Caprioli

Official Skype

[email protected]

Phone, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Messenger and Viber
(016) 99378-7363

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday (10 am to 7:30 pm)

Legal Information
The content and structure of the website are protected by copyright. The reproduction of any of the elements of the content or structure, in particular texts, parts of texts, images and concession elements, insofar as they can be protected, for any purpose other than private or other own use, as well as disclosure and publication, require prior written permission. Panorama Mercantil regularly checks and updates the content of this website. However, changes can occur in the meantime. Therefore, no guarantee or liability for the timeliness and integrity of the contents made available can be accepted. The same applies to all external sites that are referenced through a hyperlink on the Panorama Mercantil site. Panorama Mercantil is not responsible for the content of external sites that are accessible by activating the link.

Compliance and Code of Conduct
Panorama Mercantil is committed to ensuring a fair, ethical, transparent work environment, free from harassment and discrimination of all kinds, both internally (as ombudsman) and externally (as ombudsman). We follow with values, principles and actions that involve the entire business sustainability chain. We pay special attention to procedures, rules and standards, governed by law and required behavior.

Recalling that the Panorama Mercantil portal is a vehicle with responsive design, that is, it is adjustable and works on any type of screen connected to the internet, be it the same as a Notebook, Netbook, Desktop, Smartphone, Phablet, Tablet, Smart TV among others. Access in the address bar of your cell phone connected to the internet or type in a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo! Among others) the name Panorama Mercantil to accompany our website in mobile version.

Editorial Principle
Our main objective is to be pluralistic and non-partisan, stimulating the debate on topics of relevance to society and bringing ideas that are on the agenda in the global and interconnected scenario in which we are inserted. We reaffirm that we constantly seek pluralism and impartiality, with respect to our users, interviewees, sponsors, suppliers and partners. With this we assume our position for democracy and freedom of expression.

Terms of use
All of our interviews are under license Creative Commons 4.0 International.

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