Henrique Caran, President of Grupo Interbrilho: “Our products are in every home”


After 40 years in the market with a successful trajectory in the manufacture of cleaning, barbecue and pet products, and with a focus on the needs of this troubled pandemic period, Interbrilho invested R$ 500 thousand in the development of the Hosp Clean line, composed of liquid soap , surface cleaners and gel alcohol. The repositioning marks the company's entry into the hospital segment, hitherto unexplored by the company. In addition, they also invested in the constant updating of their industrial park with more than 25,000 m², in Cabreúva, interior of São Paulo. Interbrilho is equipped with high performance machines, the latest generation resources and advanced business management concepts to always offer modern and highly competitive products in the market. Its products are distributed throughout the national territory and exported to several countries in Latin America, North America and Asia, in addition to being present in the United States, in addition to establishing a thousand points of sale of its approximately 220 products throughout Brazil. “First, we always had an organization that was like the base of a family, a team, our main concern was to preserve the health and physical integrity of everyone, so we immediately adopted the home office work scheme, because it was important to rule out the possibility of transmission within the work environment ”, says Henrique Caran, president of Interbrilho.

Henrique, you've been called crazy. How much “madness” does it take to be successful in the business world?

Everyone has a bit of a doctor and a madman, according to the popular saying, but it is only crazy who tears money, another saying. Let's change the word crazy for bold and / or determined. When an entrepreneur knows where he wants to go, he finds his way and always excels with competence, perseverance and resilience.

What is your father's influence on your life as an entrepreneur?

Total Influence! Although Interbrilho was not my father's and was not part of it, he taught me a good part of what I apply today, fundamental principles that all parents should pass on to their children such as: education, respect for others, faith in God and love unconditional to the family. When I was little, I accompanied my father in his industry, which was a pioneer in the packaging of the famous Singer oil in Brazil. There I was amazed by the mixture of raw materials, bottles, lids, production, boxing and then I was proud to be witnessing it, because at the time, every house had a bottle of Singer oil, it was fascinating, magical!

Was there an insight for you to have your first business?

I always wanted to work from an early age. My first venture in the business world was the sale of Christmas pines. At the time, pine trees were bought to decorate the houses at Christmas in floras, plantations in paint cans. I borrowed my father's company truck, bought several pines and went to sell on a busy avenue in Campinas (SP). I wanted to make money to travel with my girlfriend to the South. I sold all the pine trees and that feeling pleased me so much that I never stopped looking for success.

How was Interbrilho before the pandemic?

The entire market was impacted by the pandemic, be it in the social or financial sphere. Interbrilho had a growth target of 10% in 2020, a target that will be reached in this period due to our rapid reaction power and the early launch of the Hosp Clean line (which was planned for November 2020), a line of care and asepsis for the home, composed of items such as Alcohol Gel, Neutral Soap and Liquid Alcohol, products that were / are extremely important in the fight against Covid-19. With a lot of work and focus, we managed to maintain the goal and the result.

What has changed in the company's business with the pandemic?

First, we always had an organization that was like the base of a family, a team, our main concern was to preserve the health and physical integrity of everyone, so we immediately adopted the home office work scheme, because it was important to rule out the possibility of transmission within the work environment. We follow all the guidelines and requirements of Organs responsible bodies and the Ministry of Health, we apply training and within the “new normal” we are working at full strength. As for business, we are still experiencing a totally atypical and confused market, the market at first everyone stopped as if they were on the road at 200 km per hour and suddenly a huge spine and a sign saying: Stop! Soon after that, some stopped completely and others managed to get over the scare and resume the trip, this totally deregulated the market and to get back to normal we will suffer a little, but as time goes by, I believe that the market will adjust coordinated by supply and demand.

Which brands in the group are having more losses in the current situation?

Our products are present in every home, as our brands are solid and consolidated and during the pandemic people stayed inside taking care of their pets, making more family barbecues and taking care of their cars, so we did not have a significant loss for score by brand.

And which ones are having the most success?

At first, the line of asepsis and care, Hosp Clean took off due to the scenario and its expertise is directly linked to the front line of the fight against Covid-19.

In which countries are Interbrilho's businesses performing well despite the pandemic?

We have a very positive scenario in South America and we are present in the United States with the car care lines with the brand Roadshine, pet care with the brand Ekopet and now we are taking the Hosp Clean asepsis and cleaning brand, because we believe in this segment.

Is the development of the Hosp Clean line part of this positioning?

Yes No doubt!

What are the great differentials of this line?

Our quality and competitive prices are the great differentials that make Interbrilho a serious company that comes to compete in this new market.

How will this change in positioning affect the group's post-Covid business in your view?

We will certainly come out of this scenario much stronger. We learned that without our healthy and united employees we could not get anywhere, we must always be ready to reinvent ourselves as we have seen several cases throughout this year. Stories of companies that made items and had to “turn the key” very quickly to help in the fight against Covid-19, overcoming.

In the crisis we had to reinvent ourselves as we have seen in several cases over the past year. We saw wonderful stories of total resilience in companies that manufactured items from other segments and overnight “became the key” to help in the fight against the virus, kept their staff and continued. O Covid it affected us as well as the rest of the world, making us relearn that agility in decisions and unity are the words that help the company to remain firm.

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