Leonardo Amaral, CEO of the Virtual Secretary: “We are driven by the market”

Secretária Virtual

Leonardo Amaral is CEO and founder of the Virtual Secretary, the main service management platform in Brazil. Self-taught, Leonardo has always acted as an entrepreneur and currently leads a holding company that integrates the Virtual Secretary, SVTech Telecomunicações, the first VoIP telephony operator specialized in medical clinics, and the Virtual Clinic, a platform for bringing together doctors and patients. The executive does not support the use of robotization in all stages of customer and patient care. He believes and argues that empathetic human voice communication brings people together. The Virtual Secretary is one of the main players in the customer service management market with operations in several segments, including coworking, consulting rooms, clinics and laboratories for scheduling services, consultations, procedures and exams. Founded in 2008, the company offers cutting edge technology and is currently the largest home office services platform in the country and the most efficient virtualization system for secretaries in Brazil. Today, the company serves more than 800 customers. In the health area alone, more than 1 million patients have already been treated. “Every day, a new challenge arises, a customer with a different need and this is exciting, because we put our entire platform“ to the test ”and whatever is not properly adjusted for this customer, we develop the solution in real time”, says the businessman.

Leonardo, what moves you as an entrepreneur?

The dynamism and the possibility to innovate, create and develop something, and of course, the possibility of gains.

Was it that feeling that moved you in the creation of the Virtual Secretary?

Yes, the Virtual Desk was born out of two needs: to solve the market service routine, which is usually very flawed, considering that customer service in Brazil already has a low quality service as a culture and, in addition, to solve consumer pain, through qualified service.

What was the jump of the cat that really made the platform bloom?

After we became a franchisor, the possibilities multiplied and I would say that the leap of the cat was our platform with metrics and exclusive controls that allows our customers to make strategic decisions.

How are innovation and excellence shaping the Virtual Secretary?

Every day, a new challenge arises, a customer with a different need and this is exciting, because we put our entire platform “to the test” and whatever is not properly adjusted for this customer, we develop the solution in real time.

What gaps were crucial to creating a consistent business model?

Make the business attractive to both the franchise and the end customer. The customer needs excellent service and the franchise needs to have confidence in our platform.

Their service is considered by many to be assertive, different and of quality. How do you reach this triad in your market?

We are driven by the market. He dictates the rules. We adapt, innovate and perfect everything, every day. What we created yesterday and we thought was super innovative, today, has become obsolete, so we always need to be creating solutions and innovating those that have already worked.

Was the pandemic fundamental to the growth of the Virtual Secretary?

The pandemic served to show the market that working on a 100% home office model is possible, after all, we are already “seniors” in home office. It has shown our clients and future clients that remote work can be as good as, or even better than, face-to-face work. We have never been more targeted by opportunities than in the pandemic. The Virtual Secretary service already existed before the pandemic, but with the measure of social distance to avoid the spread of the new coronavirus, the search for the solution by coworkings, law firms, offices, laboratories and medical and dental clinics, more than doubled.

How does the platform benefit franchisees?

Our franchisees have the freedom like any other entrepreneur. He operates his franchise in order to have quality of life. Adjust your schedules as you like and create your own goals. Franchisees become true entrepreneurs, as they earn according to their availability, productivity and assertiveness. Your financial results are exactly compatible with the dedication to your franchise. In short, franchisees have freedom, which in another scenario he would no longer have. The greater the excellence in resolving demands, the more demands she manages per day and for each compliment she receives, for example, the secretary scores and at the end of the month this increases her billing.

And what are the gains for customers?

There are many gains that we provide to our customers, including control, method, management and scalability. These factors culminate in what our customers crave most: financial results. Another benefit is the ease that the platform provides, since the entrepreneur who hires the franchise system will not have to pay for labor expenses, and yet, will not have to deal with absences, failures, leave and limited hours, which are situations that occur in the conventional model of secretaries. In addition, the Virtual Secretary has a database with business intelligence and analytics reports that help in decision making and allow customers to improve their performance.

What are the main competitive advantages of the platform?

Our innovative method of providing results for both parties, on the one hand the customer who sees his qualified service, expanded, in short, improved, this generates a financial return, on the other hand, the franchises that have the opportunity and freedom to work from home, achieving its goals and financial results.

In addition, unlike traditional call center models, which charge per service position, the Virtual Secretary charges its customers a value per call or on demand. We do not serve as a call center and do not charge for service positions. A call center usually has hundreds of positions to serve many times the same customer. The Virtual Secretary platform has an innovative model where multiple secretaries serve multiple clients. The same secretary can serve up to 40 different clients, optimizing time and increasing revenue. And we managed to do this with minimal infrastructure and operating costs.

What will make the Virtual Secretary differentiated and valued to remain a major player in the post-Covid care management market?

In practice, the Marketplace is that it is adapting to what was once our differential - home office, but we are quite advanced in delivering the best in customer service management. It took years of learning and building a robust, innovative and very efficient platform, delivering to the market the best in service. We were already aligned on the issue of social distance, now our clients and future clients will be able to demystify what was once a taboo for them: work in the home office. It is worth mentioning a survey by OnYou, a company specializing in customer experience monitoring that has revealed that the phone is still the primary customer service channel. - 36% call companies. Online chat stays with 21%, WhatsApp with 15%. In this scenario, secretaries play an extremely important role.

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