Natália Lima, specialist in Succession and Real Estate Law: “We all saw ourselves vulnerable”

During the pandemic, shopkeepers from different states filed for justice, demanding the suspension of the collection of the minimum rent. The reasoning, basically, was due to the fact that the pandemic was an unpredictable fact and that the collection of this and other expenses would have become excessively expensive, which would make the business of these [...]

Erica Castelo, founder and CEO of The Soul Factor: “Companies are adapting”

The last two years have been transformative for companies and professionals from the most diverse sectors of the economy, driven by the ecosystem of innovation and emerging technologies. According to the study The Future Of Jobs, produced by the World Economic Forum, the pattern of adoption of new technologies varies between industries and the major impact is on displacement […]

Patricia Rodrigues, partner and administrative director of Attend Assessoria Consultoria e Auditoria S / S: “The role of the leader is fundamental”

Patricia Rodrigues is a partner and administrative director of Attend Assessoria Consultoria e Auditoria S / S - author of the book: “Vamos Brincar do Quê?” 3rd Edition - pedagogue - post-graduated in Socio-Cultural Animation with an MBA in Business Management. Attend was founded in 1988, with interdisciplinary teams of approximately 40 employees with training in Accounting, Law, […]

Ivan Sales Borges, founder and vice president of the Institute of Law, Creative Economy and Arts: “Priorities are limited and limiting”

The special secretary of Culture, Mário Frias, has just completed 188 days in office under the government of Jair Bolsonaro and, despite saying that he sees his trajectory in an encouraging and promising way, culture still faces great challenges in the face of the pandemic. Frias attacked those who say “take control of the Rouanet Law” and also affirmed […]

Facundo Guerra, founder and executive director of Grupo Vegas: “Business needs to humanize”

Facundo Guerra holds a degree in Food Engineering from Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia and a postgraduate degree in International and Political Journalism. Facundo is also a doctor of Political Science from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP). The professional is Argentine, naturalized Brazilian. He is the executive director of the Vegas Group, which includes Volt, Z Carniceria, Lions […]

Mess Santos, filmmaker and documentary filmmaker: “Art will always reinvent itself”

“MOSCOW” is an original script created and designed by filmmaker Mess Santos, which represents a new form of cinematographic creation for the Brazilian market. All scenes were recorded in twelve days, for the first time in the history of national cinema. In addition, together with the executive producer of the film, Cláudio Macedo, they structured a model of […]
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