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Panorama Mercantil was born with the proposal to become an indispensable source for all those who are part of the opinion formation of the country, bringing to a frank and direct debate, great names who analyze important facts from Brazil and the world in depth and without strings attached. With changes in the editorial focus over time, the portal has gradually become a traditional vehicle for Brazilian internet interviews, already being considered by some big names as an influential “reflection circle”, led by journalist Eder Fonseca.

Interviews with authorities, businessmen from various economic sectors, association leaders, artists, economists, activists, thinkers, communicators, musicians, advertisers, filmmakers and creatives are on the air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (being updated twice a day) except Saturdays and Sundays).

The credibility - of the portal and of the journalist - allows a great penetration in several sectors in a uniform way.

With a focus on debating various subjects, Panorama Mercantil counts with strong interviewees who stand out in the areas in which they operate.

In recent times, the portal has counted several names of national and international renown, as is the case of the former Minister of Finance, Maílson da Nóbrega; by entrepreneurs Mario Garnero (Brasilinvest), Abram Szajman (Fecomercio), Ricardo Bellino (School of Life), Romero Rodrigues (co-founder of the Buscapé site), Washington Olivetto (ex-WMcCann) and José Zaragoza (DPZ who is currently called DPZ & T , In Memoriam); economist Luiz Gonzaga Belluzzo (former secretary of Economic Policy at the Ministry of Finance); the writer and member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, João Ubaldo Ribeiro (In Memoriam); as well as Cacá Diegues, one of the main cinematographic directors in the country.

Panorama Mercantil also highlights the leadership of women, such as Luiza Helena Trajano (Magazine Luiza); Deborah Colker (choreographer); Mirian Goldenberg (anthropologist); Anna Muylaert (filmmaker), as well as activists Maria da Penha, Panmela Castro and Iara Lee (among others).

We bring ideas from different politicians, like Roberto Freire (PPS); Bia Kicis (PSL); Cesar Maia (DEM); Antonio Anastasia (PSDB); Plínio de Arruda Sampaio (PSOL, In Memoriam) and Paulo Paim (PT). He has also worked at Panorama Mercantil, leading personalities such as the controversial Olavo de Carvalho (writer); Leonardo Boff (theologian); Miguel Reale Jr. (lawyer), journalists Mino Carta (Carta Capital), Ricardo Boechat (Bandeirantes Communication Group, In Memoriam) and Paulo Henrique Amorim (Conversa Sharp and Rede Record, In Memoriam). We cannot forget the legendary singers and composers Erasmo Carlos and Martinho da Vila, two great exponents of the unparalleled and rich Brazilian culture. Panorama Mercantil is not responsible for the concepts issued by its guests.

Video with several clips about our work


Below is the view of the historian Leandro Karnal about one of the noblest crafts of journalism:

“Interviewing is an art. It implies knowing something about the interviewee beforehand. It implies controlling two egos that tend to monopolize: those who interview and those interviewed. Interviewing is an act of intelligence to score responses and encourage the interviewee to speak more and reveal more interesting things. Interviewing is a narrative about the other punctuated by you. Interviewing is very difficult. ”

Thanks to all users, interviewees, suppliers, sponsors and partners that make Panorama Mercantil grow every day.

Panorama Mercantil Team

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